What is the BROC Foundation?

The BROC Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that supports the BROC Athletic Training Outreach Program. The primary purpose of the Program is to utilize contributions to provide additional on-site care for the benefit of the community. This program is committed to becoming the leader in athletic training outreach services and sports medicine coverage across the south Louisiana area, with the overall goal of ensuring the safety of children participating in youth sports.

The mission of the BROC Athletic Training Outreach Program is to support local schools and athletic programs by facilitating and providing direct services throughout the community in the areas of:”

  1. Athletic Training Outreach & Support
  2. Injury Education, Prevention & Safety
  3. Equipment & Supplies for Injury Treatment
  4. Recovery & Rehabilitation
  5. Concussion Management
  6. Clinical Research in Injury Management

Our Involvement with the BROC Foundation

By being a part of the BROC Foundation, Bourgeois Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab sponsors local schools. Currently, we sponsor both the St. Amant Gators and the East Ascension Spartans. By sponsoring each school, we’re able to help the schools maintain an extra athletic trainer on staff. This in turn helps the schools provide better care for their athletes, which helps reduce their injury risk and reduce recovery time from current injuries.”

Below that paragraph, we’d like to have the school logos of the schools we represent: